arts & compassion: week one

. . . c r e a t i v e  p r a c t i c e . . .


This is the color represents compassion to me. After living for several years in the California desert, I witness the forgiveness of the dry lands. Being that not much green existed in 115º heat, I quickly decided to start keeping succulents. In my short time thus far delving into gardening, I did not find a plant that didn’t end up in the point of no return until I met the gracious family of succulents. Green is a color that represents growth, forgiveness, and life. Additionally, to me, the color green represents the living connection we have to others that thrives in our interactions and opportunities to exhibit compassion. Like the kindness shown in pay-it-forward gestures like paying for the guy’s car behind you in the toll line, who then pays for the car behind him. Green is the color that comes to mind when considering what it is to pass around intentions and behaviors such as kindness or compassion.

For this week’s creative practice opportunity, I decided to create something new out of something that had no life in our home. After digging out our old coffee table out of storage, I weather proofed it and put on a fresh coat of paint. Then, my son and I went to the store and purchased several succulents that would sit inside the top of the curator-style coffee table. Upon returning home, I decided since the table was already upside down from the paint drying, that I would create a hidden artwork on the under side.

With the glass top removed, my preschool-age son and I planted the succulents into the table top once the artwork was complete. All that was left was to water it. This planter table was created as a gift for my grandmother who visits quite often. She also enjoys gardens but doesn’t want the bother of catering to the needs of plants. The sunny San Diego climate is perfect for succulents, as the morning dew is enough to water them. Overall, the project took about two days to complete and will be given to my grandma over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend when she visits. This project was a lot of fun and a great experience in contemplating the meaning of the color green and what it mean for compassion.

Below is the short film that features my creative practice for the week.


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