arts & compassion: week five

. . . c r e a t i v e  p r a c t i c e . . .

     A topic I am not familiar with but am interested in learning more about is Judaism. Being that I have many Jewish friends, I feel as though I should know more about the foundation and simple structure of a faith that I know very little about. This week, we learned about compassion and how it relates to spiritual practices. One aspect of this week’s material that really stuck with me was Rabbi Shai Held’s contribution to the topic of compassion. Rabbi Shai Held said that, “Judaism’s ideal in any case remains clear at all times- the full integration of my heart and my hand, of caring and acting in this world tangibly and concretely to help people in pain” (Held, 2014). Held spoke about how the basis of Judaism is kindness and compassion. “To take Judaism seriously is to grow in compassion; to refuse compassion is to refuse Judaism” (Held, 2014). Hearing this, I am thinking about how I can integrate my heart and my hand in an effort to be more compassionate and kind to others in all aspects of my life. With my compassion project in the works, I took photos this week of heart shaped crayon in the palm of a small child’s hand. The photo below is my creative practice contribution for the week, as photography is one of my favorite art mediums. Another quote from Rabbi Shai Held that I will keep with me is, “In order to grow in love, we have to embrace our vulnerability, rather than seeking a bypass around it” (Held, 2014). How true this is for all relationships in life. This is what my idea of compassion looks like:


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Held, S. (2014). Compassion and the heart of Jewish spirituality. ELI Talks. Retrieved November 19, 2016 from





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