arts & compassion: week six

. . . c r e a t i v e  p r a c t i c e . . .

Holiday greetings! In the midst of cleaning up Thanksgiving dinner, I was thinking of what I would create this week and what kind of music I would listen to while engaged in my art focus. Most days when I’m completing coursework, I turn on the same playlist that I’ve labeled homework jams. For my creative practice this week, I wanted something different. Something more upbeat from my favorite childhood movie, Matilda. Matilda was a little girl who could do magic and make something out of close to nothing. She made her own life better by her own free will and was very independent. Growing up, I probably watched that movie several hundred times. My favorite song from the movie is Send Me On My Way by Rusted Root. This is a song that brings me back to a time of less worries, less responsibility, and allows me to gather inspiration for more whimsical creations. I figured it was fitting for my desire to create art during the holiday season, without listening to Christmas music.

After much time and thought, I realized I was really stumped on what to do this week. Finally, I decided to just start filming myself digging through my art supplies in my Mobile Art Lab (MAL) and came up with the idea to make something out of paper.

Please enjoy my short film below to find out what I created this week…

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