Health Issues: week 7

Jewelry Making: A Creative Outlet


          Something I wanted to touch back on from my first week of Health Issues blogging, is that being confined to a hospital bed or to the hospital walls can leave a patient and their families feeling helpless.What can help an individual cope with their intrinsic need to feel in control, is being able to create something tangible and meaningful during their stay that they can keep as a reminder or to gift to friends or family to commemorate their time in the hospital. Earlier, in my beginning post, I showed how quilting and sewing can be of great artistic opportunity for women on bed-rest or at least confined within hospital walls for the remainder of their pregnancies.

IMG_0954   IMG_0953 (1)

Ellen Dissanayake stated in her book, What is Art For?, that it has “been suggested that because art exercises and trains our perception of reality, it prepares us for the unfamiliar or provides a reservoir from which to draw appropriate responses to experience that has not yet been met with” (Dissanayake, 1988). At the University of Alabama in Birmingham’s Women & Infant Center, creative genius and stitching workshop facilitator, Lillis Taylor says. “as artists working within the hospital environment, we like to think of ourselves as alleviators of boredom, anxiety and fear — boredom from sitting in a hospital bed without friends and family, anxiety from being taken away from the daily duties and responsibilities of her life on the outside, and fear from the fact that her pregnancy is somehow in danger” (Reynolds, 2015).IMG_0959   IMG_0964

All of the previously mentioned considered, I was searching for another outlet that I haven’t seen mentioned in class thus far- jewelry making. Being that jewelry making seemingly has few limitations (depending on the creator’s abilities) and has the possibility to yeild a tangible product of the creator’s design, I am convinced that this form of creating art would be more than approprite for patients and family members to participate in. Not only would jewelry making allow for an outlet, it also provides a sense of control in the selection, paring of materials, and the process of assembly itself. Since my mother taught me to make jewelry when I was just 8 years old, I am thinking that this art form can be easily taught if the “student” is willing to have patience with themselves and a good sense of humor doesn’t hurt either.

IMG_0957   IMG_0970




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creative practice: w e e k 7

Hey, y’all. . .

With a full and happy heart, I welcome you to my Creative Practice Post for week 7.

Below is a chifferobe that my mother was given as a gift when I was born. Being that I am approaching thirty years old next month, this piece of furniture is significantly older.

Up until now, it was just a locking chifferobe and was used as such.

Being that I have limited space in my next place of residence, I decided to make an art cabinet which will also serve as a mini laptop desk for project brainstorming.

I love this.

It’s my new jam.

Not only does this new and improved piece of furniture offer plenty of storage, it also is able to be completely closed off from small hands (ahem…my toddler who shares my passion for art supplies) with simply closing the doors.

Here are the before and after photos. . .


This is what the chifferobe looked like before I touched it.


The inside before.


Then I took measurements and headed to Home Depot to load up on lumber and screws.

I have an amazing cordless circular saw. It’s probably my favorite thing in my garage.

I have also used this handy (read: amazing, where-have-you-been-all-my-life?) tool called a Kreg Jig.

It makes pocket holes. The end. We can all die happy now.

On to what I did to spiff up the chifferobe. . .


First, I added a shelf and then added a small desktop. I made sure my laptop fit, and then measured out where I would arrange my little glass cabinets (shown below).


Aren’t those little glass cabinets neat? Don’t worry, you’re not the only one… I love them too. 😉


After adding more shelving to the small cubby, I added a hook rod below the glass cabinets to hang scissors and such, mounted small test tubes to add an area for whatever writing utensils I need readily available, and added card holder labels to the shelving and cabinets, then stained all of the new wood to match the existing piece.

I can not get enough.


This is what it looks like with a chair pulled up to the laptop desk. Since I measured the height of the desktop to be the equivalent to my existing writing desk, I am satisfied with the placement of where my laptop sits.


A closer look at what is inside.

Oh! Remember the outside of this?

Well, I changed that too. . .


After removing the mirrors, I added chicken wire to the small cubby and painted vintage green chalkboard paint onto the tall door. Now, my kiddo can draw and color all over it and my heart won’t skip a beat.

Here she is completely finished. A view from the outside:


Done and done.

This week was a period of reflection for me. This chifferobe represents my entire life span, and now that my life is significantly changing and I am moving on to much brighter days, I wanted some place that I could still call home in my new space.

This chifferobe now gets a capital C.

This Chifferobe has seen my infancy, childhood, teenage-brat years, and my adulthood.

It needed a makeover, just like my heart recently had.

Giving new life to things I already own gives me great joy. I do not enjoy throwing things away that have great meaning to me… I’d rather find a way to be satisfied with what I already have.

The process itself is incredibly therapeutic.

Hope you enjoyed this week’s Creative Practice as much as I did.

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creative practice: week five


This week, we were asked to learn/play an instrument that is unfamiliar to us.

Since all instruments are foreign to me, I chose to go with what I had available to me- a dear friend, Jennifer, who’s life has revolved around music for multiple decades. She has a true talent with music and has a beautiful voice that accompanies her mad-skills on the piano.

Below, is a very short film I created to capture our piano lesson together.

I will say that learning anything musical is far out of my comfort zone, but I thoroughly enjoyed the sounds of my friend’s talents.




creative practice: week 4

. . . The Cranium Crate . . .

-a live self portrait-

Greetings! For our creative practice assignment this week, we were to create a self portrait. This is my version of that- a moving, multi-dimensional, all-strings-attached self portrait.

This is a film I created through iMovie and published via YouTube.

*please disregard the typo in the word “newspaper” in the film…

Operator error and Autocorrect fail.

Like this film, my life and self portrait are certainly flawed.

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c r e a t i v e p r a c t i c e : w e e k3

. . . . . creative practice: week three . . . . .

Before I could start my creative practice assignment this week, I had to finish a long-standing project of mine- making our coffee table into a project/art table. After searching around for months, I finally lost my patience with my hunt for a table that worked for my needs. Upon deciding that I would re-purpose our coffee table (who was going to soon need a new leg anyways), I began the task of designing how to add new, but much taller, legs. With a set of new legs, also came a new foundation for the table top to sit on. In it’s completed state, it is strong, solid, and ready to be the home of many creations. So, now I introduce to you. . . my first project on my “new” project table.


Walking my line. . .


Title: Eat cake, life is a party.


Once upon a time in middle school, I first discovered the power of these drawings- also known in our current course as “taking a line for a walk.” Since then, I have done these when I have creative energy, when I was bored in math (in middle, high school, and even in college math courses), or when I just want to make a template to fill with color.

I was never a taker to math, but boy do I love to color.

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-An Arts in Medicine Research Presentation-

Included below is my research presentation for my current graduate course:

Creativity & Health: Foundations in Arts in Medicine, Spring 2016

First, I present my formal literature review for this presentation:

Second, here is where I had all of the fun during this exploration of my research.

The following film is hosted by YouTube. It is my very first movie.

After exploringand learning to navigate iMovie for many more hours than I wanted to count, I’ve got the basics down. . .

and I’m kind of excited about it.

Grab a cup of tea, sit, sip, and enjoy as you dedicate thirteen minutes of your time toreview my research presentation.

I thank you, kindly.

I hope everyone enjoyed viewing this presentation as much as I did while making it.

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c r e a t i v e p r a c t i c e : w e e k 2

. . . . . . . . . . . w e e k  t w o . . . . . . . . . . .

s i x  w o r d s

For this week’s exploration, I chose to go media-free to express my six words in creative form. I wanted to challenge myself to gather content for this post while also incorporating my duties as a mom- being present and allowing time for play along the way.

. . . . . . . . . . a u t o b i o g r a p h y . . . . . . . . . .


-Steel stamping on leather, then oil rubbed-

. . . . . . . . . . p r e s e n t . . . . . . . . . .

Currently, I am “Lego-ing” with my toddler. I find this to be the best way to express the present. Being in the now. Here we are. This is what we are doing. And it is oh, so fun.

IMG_0553IMG_0554IMG_0555 IMG_0557IMG_0561 IMG_0559

. . . . . . . . . . v i s i o n  s t a t e m e n t . . . . . . . . . .


. . . . . . Exploring another aspect of life:  r u n n i n g . . . . . .

title: run

After adding the labels to my favorite water bottle, I thought of words that best capture a good run. I am a runner. Here are my six…


. . . . . . . . . . r e f l e c t i o n . . . . . . . . . .

When thinking my own emotions, thoughts, and existence, the six word form demands time for reflection. Through the process of forming my six, I was able to gather my thoughts and most appropriately- my definitions of the present. In regards to how I would adapt the six word form in a health setting (whether clinical or community), perhaps the six words could be used as goal focal points for hopes in future efforts or program growth.

Thank you for reading. . .