creative practice: week five


This week, we were asked to learn/play an instrument that is unfamiliar to us.

Since all instruments are foreign to me, I chose to go with what I had available to me- a dear friend, Jennifer, who’s life has revolved around music for multiple decades. She has a true talent with music and has a beautiful voice that accompanies her mad-skills on the piano.

Below, is a very short film I created to capture our piano lesson together.

I will say that learning anything musical is far out of my comfort zone, but I thoroughly enjoyed the sounds of my friend’s talents.




creative practice: week 4

. . . The Cranium Crate . . .

-a live self portrait-

Greetings! For our creative practice assignment this week, we were to create a self portrait. This is my version of that- a moving, multi-dimensional, all-strings-attached self portrait.

This is a film I created through iMovie and published via YouTube.

*please disregard the typo in the word “newspaper” in the film…

Operator error and Autocorrect fail.

Like this film, my life and self portrait are certainly flawed.

Thanks for stopping by and enjoy,


c r e a t i v e p r a c t i c e : w e e k3

. . . . . creative practice: week three . . . . .

Before I could start my creative practice assignment this week, I had to finish a long-standing project of mine- making our coffee table into a project/art table. After searching around for months, I finally lost my patience with my hunt for a table that worked for my needs. Upon deciding that I would re-purpose our coffee table (who was going to soon need a new leg anyways), I began the task of designing how to add new, but much taller, legs. With a set of new legs, also came a new foundation for the table top to sit on. In it’s completed state, it is strong, solid, and ready to be the home of many creations. So, now I introduce to you. . . my first project on my “new” project table.


Walking my line. . .


Title: Eat cake, life is a party.


Once upon a time in middle school, I first discovered the power of these drawings- also known in our current course as “taking a line for a walk.” Since then, I have done these when I have creative energy, when I was bored in math (in middle, high school, and even in college math courses), or when I just want to make a template to fill with color.

I was never a taker to math, but boy do I love to color.

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-An Arts in Medicine Research Presentation-

Included below is my research presentation for my current graduate course:

Creativity & Health: Foundations in Arts in Medicine, Spring 2016

First, I present my formal literature review for this presentation:

Second, here is where I had all of the fun during this exploration of my research.

The following film is hosted by YouTube. It is my very first movie.

After exploringand learning to navigate iMovie for many more hours than I wanted to count, I’ve got the basics down. . .

and I’m kind of excited about it.

Grab a cup of tea, sit, sip, and enjoy as you dedicate thirteen minutes of your time toreview my research presentation.

I thank you, kindly.

I hope everyone enjoyed viewing this presentation as much as I did while making it.

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c r e a t i v e p r a c t i c e : w e e k 2

. . . . . . . . . . . w e e k  t w o . . . . . . . . . . .

s i x  w o r d s

For this week’s exploration, I chose to go media-free to express my six words in creative form. I wanted to challenge myself to gather content for this post while also incorporating my duties as a mom- being present and allowing time for play along the way.

. . . . . . . . . . a u t o b i o g r a p h y . . . . . . . . . .


-Steel stamping on leather, then oil rubbed-

. . . . . . . . . . p r e s e n t . . . . . . . . . .

Currently, I am “Lego-ing” with my toddler. I find this to be the best way to express the present. Being in the now. Here we are. This is what we are doing. And it is oh, so fun.

IMG_0553IMG_0554IMG_0555 IMG_0557IMG_0561 IMG_0559

. . . . . . . . . . v i s i o n  s t a t e m e n t . . . . . . . . . .


. . . . . . Exploring another aspect of life:  r u n n i n g . . . . . .

title: run

After adding the labels to my favorite water bottle, I thought of words that best capture a good run. I am a runner. Here are my six…


. . . . . . . . . . r e f l e c t i o n . . . . . . . . . .

When thinking my own emotions, thoughts, and existence, the six word form demands time for reflection. Through the process of forming my six, I was able to gather my thoughts and most appropriately- my definitions of the present. In regards to how I would adapt the six word form in a health setting (whether clinical or community), perhaps the six words could be used as goal focal points for hopes in future efforts or program growth.

Thank you for reading. . .


c r e a t i v e p r a c t i c e : w e e k 1

. . . . . . . . . . w e e k o n e . . . . . . . . . .

-buttoning up the first year-

Upon concluding our reading for this week and with the influence of my first Health Issues blog post, I decided to engage in a project that would allow me to create something while I was sitting still, but able to share the memories of the art itself with others. I once created something similar on a much larger scale, but since I was mimicking being in a confined space to be comparable to a hospital bed, I chose to go a bit smaller.

Let’s get on with it…

I wrote on my Health Issues blog post about how expectant mothers (who are bed-confined) can engage in artistic and creative outlet by sewing. This allows for the mother to have something to spend her time on, something to show the passing of the time, and something tangible to give to her baby. In this art piece that I created, I used scrap fabric from several clothing items, blankets, favorite fabrics of miscellaneous garments worn by my son during his first year. From the scraps, I made fabric buttons and then arranged them to my liking and framed them. This was a way for me to have a creative outlet, reflect on the various memories tied to each fabric, and to share these with family.

This is how the buttons were arranged once I placed the matting down.IMG_5273

Then I made another one and framed them both…


Here is the one I made years ago, right after my son’s first birthday. It is in a stand-alone shadow box and is my favorite piece of art in my home. Its a huge piece and the buttons are spaced a little over an inch apart. My favorite part of this whole project is that it can be changed to satisfy several creative ventures.


I had to think of a way to use the scrap fabrics from my son’s clothing and fabrics, and since he is rather messy (like most children) the majority of his clothing was too stained to use for a baby clothes scrap quilt. Honestly, I am pleasantly surprised at how much I love this piece and I plan on making a few for a good friend of mine with both of her daughters clothing scraps.



a. i. m. h e a l t h i s s u e s : w e e k 1

. . . . . . . . . . w e e k o n e . . . . . . . . . .

– Oh Sew Much Time –

Nesting is a period of time for great progress to be made in readying one’s own home for the arrival of a new change. Having a baby can be considered one of the most momentous occasions in an individual’s life. While most pregnancies have minimal or close to zero areas of concern, there are some expectant mothers that have to stay in the hospital for critical monitoring for various lengths of time. As a mother of one child, I remember preparing my home to warmly and comfortably welcome our son. For women who have to stay within the walls of their assigned hospital room, I cannot even begin to imagine how that experience rocks the core of a mother who is in full nesting mode. This is an area for Arts in Medicine to address an issue within the hospital- providing those who are confined to their bed with an opportunity to feed their soul and express their thoughts and feelings.

Everything from arranging the nursery, washing clothes, and crafting or making art for the baby- most cannot be done by the mom while she is confined to her bed. While a hospital setting may not be seen as the most ideal to wait out a pregnancy, it can facilitate a great deal of creative discovery and allow for the mommy-to-be to engage in the arts for personal growth or projects that she can use to connect with herself, the unborn child, or family (especially if there are other children at home). In a blog I found recently through a search on Pinterest while browsing for material to add to my Arts in Medicine board, I came across a piece written featuring a woman named Lillis Taylor. Lillis was helping in the Stitching Workshop at UAB’s Women & Infant Center. She facilitates creativity with helping patients make felt baby blocks. This gives the women something to show for their time at the Center and a gift to give their babies. The writeup on DIYNetwork can be viewed at the following link:

When thinking about children who are unable to leave their hospital room, various sewing projects can be used to facilitate a creative outlet. Simple pre-cut shapes of fabric can be used along with needle and thread. Projects may be tailored to various age ranges and abilities. Within the world of sewing, possibilities run as far as an individual’s creativity.

Overall, it is my belief that sewing has unlimited areas of manipulation to fit the creativity levels and skill of any person in a hospital. It can allow for an escape as well as gaining control over a project, give the patient a feeling of purpose, and a sense of accomplishment.