. . . . t h e j o u r n a l : w e e k f o u r . . . .

::::: the art of self-care :::::

. . . and just like that, we are half way through our course this semester.

Greetings and welcome to my week four journal entry. Going along with the focus of establishing a self-care program, this is my interpretation of a shell that will house my goal oriented lay-out.

Like my art timeline, I have created this program shell straight into my black book. Being that my creation needs to show present focus and how I will keep my focus points of my self-care program, I made the pages act as a flip-style while being part of a bigger picture.

There are eight areas of focus for my program: my faith, opportunities to breathe, sweat, create, school, clean, sleep,and for fuel (my love for cooking).

I introduce to you, my self-care program shell: IMG_0982





After this page, is the main page (shown in the first photo). Then I continued with the next page, shown below.





You’ll notice that I left the pages blank, as I will fill them in with daily, weekly, monthly goals. As time moves on, the pages will be filled in appropriately.

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