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 – the art of self-care-

Along the process of the development of my self-care program, I have realized that the important focus points that I’ve chosen to make part of my efforts feed into one another. Currently, I am a stay-at-home mom and full-time grad student. Throughout my days, my pre-school-aged son and I have a relatively full schedule. From one activity to the next, finding time to work in my self-care program may seem a bit of a task at times. What I’ve learned from my time in our course, The Art of Self-Care, is that making time for myself among the daily, weekly, and monthly routine is the only way to allow our packed schedule to be smooth sailing.

When I think of what elements enhance my creative practice to grow professionally and personally, I feel I am using almost every aspect of my experiences learned so far in an effort to allow for new discoveries in my art. Like a good chef, there is great learning that takes place in the basics of cooking. From there, the chef moves on to making their own recipes that they’ve tested, adapted, and modified over time. What ends up happening is that the chef is never bored and always hungry for a new challenge. As their creativity in the kitchen keeps improving, evolving, and growing, they discover that their ideas are only as limited as they allow, which is a beautiful thing. Creativity is the same for me. Since I was in my elementary years, I’ve been actively engaged in art projects. Usually, I have one going with brainstorming and collection of supplies and budding new ideas as I work on my current creative practice. Keeping my mind moving and constantly allowing my creative expressions to grow only invites the opportunities of inspiration for my future in all aspects of my life. Next to my faith, this is where I feel most free.

I introduce to you, my week seven reflection of my self-care programming in journal form:






In conclusion of our self-care programming efforts and journal entries in our course, I decided to include some of my creative practice time for this blog post. In my black book, I drew and colored in my “world.” I chose to symbolize my faith by making it the water of my world- the wind on the seas keeps me sailing across the water to other lands (points of focus in my life). In order to sail around to do what is required in my everyday existence, I need to stand firm in my relationship with the Lord and reflect his glory in my every step. As water is a necessity for humans to survive, I’ve made my faith focused area my water in my drawing. This reveals my priority in faith that I hold. If you follow my blog, I hope you have enjoyed these weekly journal posts.

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