. . . t h e j o u r n a l : w e e k s i x . . .

-the art of self-care-

Greetings, y’all! Welcome to my interpretation of the week six journal prompt.

This week in our self-care efforts, we were to claim a review day and plan for possible unavoidable occurrences and make changes accordingly. For me, my reflection day is Monday. Being that I have never loved Mondays, I chose this particular day as a review to bring an opportunity for growth and reflection in my positives of the previous week. This way, I am able to bring a more positive note to my Mondays.

What a great week it has been here in sunny Southern California. My mom, aunt, uncle, cousin, and grandma are in town- all from various parts of the world (over seas and also in the U.S).

In addition to my growing self-care program, I’ve added a “weekly bubble” for thought and review. What did I do this week? How can I make execute goals more efficiently next week? And so on. This week, the bubble is pink. IMG_1185









In the following weeks, I plan to color more bubbles with review marks and areas for improvement for the upcoming week(s). In an effort to make sure I meet my creative practice goals, I chose to make my journal an art piece itself. This way, I will be able to bring this journal into a hospital setting for patients to view and grow in their own efforts if they choose. Perhaps it will serve as an inspiration piece for patients in my future as an Artist in Residence.

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